Thursday, January 13, 2011

swing dress sew-along :: joining in

After two days' worth of consideration, I finally decided to join Casey's swing dress sew-along, basing on Sense & Sensibility Patterns: 1940's swing dress pattern. I totally adore how put together Casey's looks are, her vintage style and my, her hairdo-s! Beautiful. Of course I will not ever in my life be able pull together such a style but I think the swing dress pattern has potential and a 'modern day looking' dress can be made. Following a sew-along helps put me in a direction and it'll be sew beneficial (and especially, fun!) learning from another and within a community towards the same sewing goal.

I'm going to put Casey's timeline for the sew-along here, for my reference.

Start Date: January 11, 2011
End Date: March 3, 2011
January 11: intro and supplies list. Inspiration from period sources
January 13: sources for fabric/suitable stabilizers
January 20: preparing for the muslin
January 27: making and fitting the muslin/adjustments
February 3: finalizing the pattern + cutting out the fashion fabric
February 7: applying stabilizer and sewing the shoulder seams
February 11: topstitching the midriff and finishing the bodice
February 14: sewing the skirt + attaching the skirt and bodice
February 17: closure application (invisible and regular zipper, as well as a “period” method)
February 24: setting in the sleeves
February 28: hemming and finishing touches
March 3: final dress show-off party!

I'll be working on printing the pattern off the downloaded pattern soon and I'm already thinking of how I'll like my dress to be. (fabric types; definitely adding the pockets; sleeves length; tie-backs?; shoulder pads yes no?)

Are you planning to join in the sew along? Let me know if you do! I'll love to read your dress making process.

Some inspirations:


  1. Gorgeous dress! I can't wait to see your progress, and the final product, of course! And how cool are those old photographs?

  2. Lovely! Can't wait to see your version too. I am still thinking about this one. Too many things on my plate at the moment. Hope I can fit it in.


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