Wednesday, January 26, 2011

of a strawberry & some cherries

strawberry pot

cherry pouch(es)

cherry pouch

Cherries are unfortunately not a common sight around where I am so do excuse my lame photo of a strawberry pot hanging on the wall next to the door of my home. I feel like doing some quick sewing today and making pouches are just about the best thing. The cosmetic pouches are lined with blue gingham cotton and interfaced with white felt for sturdiness. The cherry fabric are flounce parts which I didn't fancy making for an apron I made for a friend once and I was attracted to the hues of its blue and red today. Another view of the pouches ::here::.

I'll be keeping these aside for Xin's shop, maybe even giving one away to a friend, if she fancies it. Making small things make me happy so over time, there will be a stock pile of them again. If anyone has taken a fancy to something I'd made, feel free to write to me for enquiry and I'll give a friendly quote. I'd stopped running any online store and would probably do so for this year but I'll tuck the available items for sale in a corner of this blog for anyone who might be interested to take a look.

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