Monday, January 31, 2011

little rabbits at play

(rabbits-at-play) fabric buttons

(rabbits-at-play) fabric buttons

I've been wanting to bake for I'm bent on trying out a particular recipe but my oven is acting up and the service man who came today has to acquire a spare part and who knows when the oven will be up and running good again. I'm hoping I could try using the oven to make a small batch later today despite its broken status.

Meanwhile, I'd gotten the winners for my giveaway dresses. The vintage brown dress is going to Ou. As for the black one, I wrote down the names on small separate pieces of paper and asked Kaeden to randomly pick one out. It turned out to be Regina.

Sorry Dawn and Rubyru for my budget of domestic shipping fees only! I don't wish to disappoint Puri and Citra, hence for the two ladies, I made a few fabric covered buttons using my vintage kitschy print fabric, depicting small children dressed as rabbits at play. Just a small happy symbol and gesture of ushering in the year of the rabbit in a short few days' time.

I hope the four ladies will each like what she'll be getting!
ps. Please email me your mailing address, Ou, Regina, Puri and Citra.

Okay, back to the baking and Chinese New Year lunch prep..


  1. thankyu fionaaa, feel so lucky today>:D< i've mailed you my mailing address:) cant wait for the package...

  2. it's oke Mbak Fiona.
    u're sooo nice :)
    thank you... smoochies :*

  3. thanks mbak Fiona :) sudah sampai dan sudah aku fotoo... hihihi.. secepatnya mau aku posting di blog :)
    cute sekali mbak :)


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