Wednesday, January 05, 2011

food for a start


The past week was pretty unpleasant for me. I was so worn out -inside out-, I went for a massage on Monday to straighten 'things' out again. I hope 2011 will be a good year for me and everyone.

Here are some (food related) photos I'd taken earlier today.


starfruit burst

fingers meet water

picking starfruit

There are two starfruit trees in our front yard, currently bearing the last batch of fruits. I don't fancy eating starfruit much, one of my least favourite fruits I must say. So it does get bothersome when nobody picks them off the branches and have them dropping onto the ground by the lot.

Kaeden had a go at picking a few. "Twist and pull." the boy said, recalling the strawberry picking episode from the Special Agent Oso.

(homemade) Kimchi

homemade kimchi

homemade kimchi with rice

My first attempt at making kimchi. It's been fermenting in the fridge for about a week and I'd the first taste for lunch (pretty alright. not too sour~y yet which is good for me. and, spicy. i added lots of chilli powder.).

Funny how Brian once asked me if I would bury the stuff in the earth (for the fermenting process). That thought ever came to me too before I did some reading on the making process. I followed instructions from ::here::. Except I only used one biggest head of cabbage I could find from the supermarket (about 1kg) plus a carrot and spring onions, skipped the fish sauce and squid and used blended pear (along with garlic, ginger, water) paste and soy sauce and salt instead, aside from the other necessary ingredients.

Apple tarts

apple tarts

Brian will be returning home later today from a out-of-town work trip and I want to give him a treat. We had a bag of granny smith green apples and a bit of butter left in the fridge. I decided to give ::this recipe:: a shot because the ingredients required are pretty basic. I made the dough yesterday, without using the mixer I simply rub my what little left butter into the flour until it resembles cornmeal before adding the chilled water. It worked just as well. I was lazy as anyone could tell by now and didn't make the glaze. After the tarts were baked, I glazed them using the yummy homemade jeruk & melati (orange & jasmine) jam I bought from Mei; Oma Anna instead.



  1. Brian is a lucky guy!

    I'm with you on the starfruit. Pak Limas used to always give us a bag and I never knew what to do with it ahahahaha

  2. me too.. i don't really like starfruits. taste weird :s
    but i love your apple tarts. they look yummy :)

    anyway, there's an award for you.
    please check this out :)

    have a good day. smoochies :*

  3. I hope things get better...with apple tarts like those, I think you're well on the way to sunshine and happiness! They look delicious!

    Take care.

  4. wow, thank you Puri.

    yes, I'm looking forward to a reasonably good year.
    thanks, Lauren.



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