Friday, January 21, 2011

bits of red within the grey

leftover pears

pear with strawberry jam glaze tarts

It's a grey and rainy day. An inviting weather for staying indoors and doing some baking. Have I ever mention that I like to bake on a Friday? A ritual for hoping for a sweet start of the weekend.

(Pear tarts with organic strawberry jam glaze. I might never revert back to buying jams from the supermarket aisle. I used the tart recipe from ::here::.)

fabric from Christie

There is a surprise mail for me today as well. Lovely fabric, picked out by my dear friend. I wish there's an owl to help me deliver to her a knotted linen bundle of those tarts I made.

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  1. Oh, those look so yummy! I need to check out that recipe.


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