Friday, August 27, 2010

i ♥ Doinky Doodles!


I'd managed to pay a visit to Xin's shop. Finally!

minifanfan's hairpin

From there, I brought home a little hairpin with an illustration that "spoke to my heart". It's by minifanfan whose blog I'd happily discovered and beginning to read. psst, she's currently holding a giveaway!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'Lost in the woods, Goldilocks?' Smock top no.1




On Sunday I went to buy a piece of beige coloured thick cotton for matching my piece of Kokka fabric 'trefle' design, Goldilocks and a bear theme. I fell in love with the woodland theme and the scallop edging borders where one side had big lace eyelets. I knew I had to turn the fabric into a blouse. Just like how The Sew Convert had turned hers into a pretty sleeved top. I've been in awe over her sewing skills and handmade clothing!

Actually I wanted to make a blouse for a dear friend (she's been a darling to me lately!) but in order to gain confidence, I decided to make one for myself first on that day, passing through all the potential mistakes I would have made. and oh boy, did I make some!

When starting out, I had a smock design in mind, something like what I'd done 3 years ago. I really liked that piece but really, I couldn't fit into it already. Luckily I found a tutorial by Made by Rae on the Spring Ruffle top which I thought was almost similar minus the ruffle sleeves and it is great in a way that I wouldn't require paper patterns. My main mistake was that I forgot about adding extra inches to the bodice width and had to improvise by adding the beige cotton to the sides. After some adjustments on my part, like replacing the ruffles with the eyelet borders and adding fabric pieces for the inside top bodice for a neater look, I ended with something I really would like wearing to the parks.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Modern Embroidery over coffee

Modern Embroidery; Ike Rosen

Apple with a future

The dish of mushrooms

Owl and Owlet II

Owl and Owlet

On Thursday, Kaeden and I came over to Singapore. It was a spur of the moment decision thanks to the cough Kaeden has had been having over the past month. I had decided that it is not part of the common cold and flu and I'd better hop over back home for a more sound and professional advice. Perhaps it's because of the fresh air we've been having over here, he's way much better and I let the case be shelved from 'urgent' to 'keep in view'.

So over the past two days of settling down, we've already borrowed books from the library for reading, a must-do routine. I'm really happy with that. But I'm most thrilled with reading a book which I'd made into my possession sometime back. It's the 'Modern Embroidery' 1972 by Ike Rosen. For as long as I can remember back, I've always been coveting it. Until recently I managed to get hold of one at a more affordable price at Amazon and re-route its shipping through VIAddress to Singapore for nearly the same cost of this used but otherwise still in good condition book, for the seller did not post outside of the US.

I took the opportunity today while Kaeden was napping, to once again read the embroidery book over a cup of coffee. It was precious time! I really adore the lines/designs undertaken and I thought to share my favourite images of patterns of apple, mushrooms and owls here.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

my blue plaid blouse

On Friday I completed making this blouse, pattern from view 1 the vintage Simplicity 3882 of which I'd made the first blouse before. Compared to the other material, the blue plaid cotton was so much a breeze to work on. I've got a better fit on too because wowsers, I'd sewed on an invisible zipper to the side of the blouse! I was like "woo hoo!" and mental macarena dance. Hands down the greatest sewing achievement in the year. The invisible zipper foot for my sewing machine, previously something I haven't a clue of its function of, is like a best mate never too late to know.

I've got to give credits to Grosgrain's tutorial on sewing the invisible zipper. I'd watched the video and filed the memory of the lesson in my head and I'm feeling so grateful for that.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

new look! :: ironing board

I had put off changing a new cover onto the family's old ironing board which was er-hm.. "rescued" from my father-in-law's house, for far too long.. until today. After stripping off the tattered covering with torn burnt off patches, an almost ancient looking board revealed itself. Apart from some rust forming, the legs of the ironing board are still quite sturdy. I gave the whole thing a good wipe down, not believing the amount of dust accumulated on the top of the board. Still in denial, eh?

Using fabric bought a few years back; a Caroline Abild Jessen 2005 design from Ikea, batting interface and a used blue floral bedsheet for the underside, I made the cover by turning the board upside down and tracing the outline on the pieced fabric and adding a few inches away, hem the edge and gave an elastic fastening all around. I later think a simple cord would suffice instead of elastic. The overall project was done in a quick jiffy. There are two tutorials I found on the d-i-y ironing board cover: here and here

I could have simply bought a new ironing board cover but it certainly won't bring that much fun and satisfaction.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

pin them on! :: embroidered brooches

nothing much, just some brooches completed.
I'll update where these brooches will be heading later.
They'll be heading to Doinky Doodles! studio+shop.

In view that the ones in my online shop didn't get a single query, I'm just going to pack all 10 of them together to Xin's shop.

Have a nice day!