Saturday, June 26, 2010

quilted square tray

In order to organize our dresser a bit, I made a quilted square tray to contain the lot of lotions, balms and whatnots. I used the pattern from one my first Japanese craft books (ISBN4-8347-2303-8) , although I did alter the measurements to suit the total size of the contents and added fabric buttons from Lia to each corner of the tray. Now the dresser just look a wee bit tidier.

Friday, June 25, 2010

an Owl plush/cushion made

As much as I love owls, I'd refrained from making plush versions of it. I'm not sure how mine would stand in the already established world of handmade owl plush toys. However I decided to break through from that and drew up a pattern for one. My owl plush/cushion is made of a combination of felt and fabric and poly stuffing. The back of it is an owl print maroon coloured Japanese fabric. The owl boasts of a deep pocket, good for safekeeping a remote control or two; regardless of how we like it or not, remote controls are just some things we have to look for in some parts of our day.

Monday, June 21, 2010

announcement: "new shop!"

Take a peek at my new shop. I'd left some of my handmade items with shops in Singapore but I've kept brooches and the pincushion sets with me and brought them back to Palembang. Instead of putting them up for sale in etsy this time, I've decided to cut my costs even lower by having a free site (at for the mo~. I've had fun creating the online shop site. Go take a look!
(psst, free shipping within Indonesia!)

Saturday, June 19, 2010



I'm a lucky recipient of wonderful thoughtful gifts for my birthday this year. There was even a parcel that came in the mail for me yesterday. A book, nice fabric and a card which came from my friends in Australia. The title of the book is 'make it for baby :: handmade with love: 200 simple craft projects' (ISBN 1-84038-791-2) and I've already bookmarked the ideas/items I'd like to make.

Friday, June 18, 2010

oatmeal doggy cookies

estate dog

estate dog

baking for the dogs

oatmeal cookies

For the past two evenings, I've had three dogs which roam in the estate where I live, coming to the gate. They look to be from the same brood and still puppies, but grown almost the size of our Jack Russell, Mambo. Mambo and I would greet them over our front small gate when they visit and each time I couldn't resist not sharing the doggies' store bought biscuit stash with the stray puppies. They were well behaved too and would peacefully wait for each turn for a biscuit. But I'd think they weren't used to eating them. They took quite awhile figuring that the biscuits were edible and one of the brood simply didn't know how to deal with it and sat in front of its share.

This morning, I met one puppy resting comfortably against the gate under the shelter of a tree. I haven't learn to identify each one yet. It seems the puppies travel as a pack looking for food only in the evenings. I'm not sure how the neighbours are looking out for them, very likely feeding them leftover table food. The puppies did smell of the bins, I'm sure as a result of rummaging through the bins outside homes.

I made a batch of oatmeal cookies for the dogs (for both outside and at home. definitely, the ones at home is a jealous bunch.), using recipe found here. It's easy and quick to make too. Hope the puppies will like the homemade taste & crunch!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

a nice start

books borrowed & bought

Thank you for leaving a comment of book suggestions and good wishes if you've done so, in my birthday giveaway post. Through, I've picked a winner at number 11 (promise I only entered the digits once) so that makes it to be Miu Craft, Jakarta.

I've brought along some books, borrowed and bought, to keep me entertained over here in the few months to come.

My day started out early today and I finally got to work on the exercise machine before breakfast, something I've avoided doing for far too long a time. What made it seemed a great start to my life of 30 onwards was a breakfast soupy bowl of mee sua and eggs cooked by Brian. Then I had a nice time in the midst of bubbles blown by Kaeden in the front porch enjoying the breezy morning at the same time avoiding the stuffy air indoors thanks to the local area power trip. I'm looking forward to a nice lunch later and definitely, the cake.

Hope you have a good day too!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

been to the Zoo

embroidering for

ISBN 978-957-526-675-2

p2-3 of embroidery book

Kaeden's 1st trip to

posing in his souvenir,

The trip back to Singapore was nice, having to meet up with dear friends and spending time with them were the best parts of it. One of the days, we also spent some time at the Zoo as a family and that was Kaeden's first trip there as well. The day started out with overcast skies and soon after a drizzle followed, as a result we didn't really see that many animals and photos taken were little. However there was one candid shot of Kaeden laughing when he heard a goat bleat, which I thought was precious, especially now that he's at a stage where he isn't willing to smile for a camera.

I bought a new craft book on embroidery (ISBN 978-957-526-675-2), many pages containing cute illustrations in my opinion. It's in Chinese, I believed translated from the original Japanese version. Then I recalled my girlfriends who are into the hobby of scrap-booking. From there, with my lack of confidence with paper and the sum total of, I decided to make a memory "fabric-book" of Kaeden's first trip to the Singapore Zoological gardens. By sewing the photo, an entrance ticket and a small part of a map where we watched the elephant show onto yellow linen (with Kaeden on my laps! He just can't leave me alone.) after I'd done the embroidery work. The last part would be framing it up, which I'll get to it once I've shopped for a frame.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

some new things

some new things

Some new stuff to add to my collection. I did try to be good and only spent on two laces and a piece of fabric in Chinatown a few days ago. I went to Ikea yesterday and didn't cut a single piece of cloth off in the fabric section. Now I'm asking myself "why?".

nani iro antique label

Nani Iro antique label hana kago fabric bought from Matabi.

some fabric

Purple jersey and thick flannel given to me by my friend, Iris.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

:: crunch ! :: a birthday giveaway (sorry, closed.)

a giveaway

It's the month of my birthday already and I think it is rather momentous; turning 30. As a friend aptly put it, as of now the feeling of being in the early twenties has always been in me, time just move on ahead.

So you may notice, even the things I'll like to give away would seem a little "young-ish".

In my giveaway package, I will include all three of these items:

:: my handmade cosmetic pouch

:: a Shinzi Katoh zipper shopping bag (this particular design)

:: a baviphat red apple lip balm
(in case you're wondering where I bought it, oh I got one extra for myself; the apple flavoured balm comes in a cute matt apple container, oops I side-tracked, the online shop I purchased from: iheartkoreanbeauty . Nice personable lady seller too.)

Leave a comment with a short description of yourself and if possible, let me know the title of a book you're currently reading or just include a title you think is worth recommending. Do leave me your email address too so I can contact you if you win!

I'll close this giveaway on the 16 June and will post out to anywhere in the world.

Good luck!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

'The Mobile sewing Company' workshop

attending 'the mobile sewing company' workshop

from  'the mobile sewing co.' workshop

with Karin

Karin, sewing a fabric piece

Part of the Arts Fest this year in Singapore was an organized workshop last evening conducted by the ladies of 'the mobile sewing company' which I was so looking forward to attend. Karin and Kirsten are inspiring people and with a friend accompanying me for that session, I truly had an enjoyable time along with the other workshop attendees.
I got the chance to ride the bicycle to power up the sewing machine that Karin was using to help alter my already very tired-looking grey cardigan.

my altered cardigan

Using materials (I used a diamond crochet doily, fabric and white trim.) provided, my cardi got a new look!

my altered blouse

My red blouse had an embarrasing small hole on one sleeve. I snipped off both sleeves and with a bit of white lace provided, I sew it on round the front collar, at home today.