Saturday, January 30, 2010




A collection of laces, strings, ribbons and straps. When I was winding these stringy items a few collected from clothing and bags, all round cut up old calendar papers, old birthday invites and cards, I thought of my friend, Beehui and her mother who helped make my collection of laces and ribbons almost instant.

Take a peek at Lisa Congdon's a collection a day 2010, here.

psst, there are some fabulous giveaways going on.

Go see. I haven't any luck with giveaways. There, I've said it and jinxed myself.

Happy weekend.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

birthday quilt :: a cat's guardian

birthday quilt

top up fabric squares

repro vintage fabric

A birthday quilt for a dear friend.
It's made early. I'm glad I have it ready.
This quilt embodies all my secret best wishes for her.

Just two days ago, my order for some vintage reproduction fabric squares came and I promptly started work on a quilt. I've been ogling at the fabric range from reprodepot for the longest and finally bought some 30's fabric squares for a variety and making two quilts in mind. Perhaps, scrap bags purchase and more next time, I hope? I picked out the red and purple hues from the package and top up more squares with some of my lot. The lap sized 30.5" square quilt is interfaced and backed with reclaimed purple cotton sheet, edged with vintage cotton lace and tied with purple embroidery floss. (See the whole quilt here.)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where would thou be?

sock monkey

sock monkey

For the first time, I haven't decide how a finished sock monkey will find his new home. Unlike the past sock monkey works, I took my time making him, worrying about his fate at the same time. If I've a permanent and larger space, I'd probably keep him. But I'll just safe keep him somewhere clean for now, deciding his adoption process later.

Friday, January 22, 2010

bread by hand


white loaf

bake of the week: farmhouse white loaf
recipe from this book.

First attempt at making bread by hand, not a perfection but luckily, bread still turned out. There were a few lessons learnt. For one, when the book says to rise the dough in a warm place, it means placing near a heat source, on top of a warm oven is good. Noted. Not warmth from the weather in Palembang.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

crocheting a scallop afghan

colours for an afghan

working on a scallop afghan

I'm teaching myself how to crochet. The only reason I dare to venture in that is having a small tiny bit of experience crocheting when I was a little girl, self-teaching herself. There, I could recall doing the slip knot and for the rest, I've to relearn the tiniest part (the right way of holding a hook) and immerse into the whole picture. I literally plunged into crocheting and after two trials and a failure, I think I finally got the first row right and the second one going.

some reference:
crochet basics
crochet information
how to turn crochet work

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

brownish muffins

chocolate chip muffins

Bake of the week :: Chocolate chip muffins.
Recipe :: click here
The baking time taken was longer, about 35mins.

Happy weekend.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

handy handkerchief tissue holder

dainty tissue case

dainty tissue case

dainty tissue case

Just tidying up and folding my handkerchiefs gave me an inspiration to turn one into a simple tissue case/holder. I added vintage lace for decorating the front. It's something one can do if there is a precious handkerchief that perhaps once belonged to someone dear, for there isn't any need to cut this piece of handkerchief up, just some stitching necessary.

I find this handkerchief turned tissue case to be a little ironic fun. Run out of tissues? well, at least there's the hanky. Do you carry handkerchiefs around? Or like me and I believe, many people prefer the convenience of tissue papers. This simple handmade tissue case is for a January born friend.

Try making one. If you'll like directions, write to me.

Monday, January 11, 2010

a goldfish for each year

pet fish

brooch - embroidered goldfish

brooch - embroidered red goldfish

In the Southern Europe during the 1620s, it became a tradition for married men to give their wives a goldfish on their year anniversary, as a symbol for the prosperous years to come.

Part of my write-up for the sale of my handmade goldfish brooches. (Two new ones, now in shop.) It's our *ROM anniversary. Indeed I pity my best friend+companion, for he has a daunting task of remembering many dates.

* official registering of marriage

Sunday, January 10, 2010

lunch at Tokyo


It's been awhile we've had our meals at Tokyo, a restaurant established since Brian's grandpa's time and situated in Sayangan, Palembang's Chinatown. Even the elderly boss who takes down the orders noticed our absence! This restaurant serving traditional Chinese food is one of my few favourite eating places and we have been eating at home too much. So I decided ahead as a food obsessed Singaporean would do such a planning, to have my lunch there and knowing what to order. We always leave that place happy and stomach filled.

psst. Photos of my lunch, click here and here.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

day and night

VW type 3 dashboard

sun+night glasses cases

sun+night glasses cases

Made for Brian are two cases for his sunglasses and night vision aid glasses for driving. It's nice to revisit an old pattern of mine, but this time I used strong interface for more sturdiness.

Friday, January 08, 2010

choco in choco

double the goodness

limit the indulgence

Haven't had a well used chocolate chip cookies recipe yet and I suppose this time I've a keeper. I found a recipe here, but I've to tweak it. It's me, I've to use up my remaining available ingredients. So I used self-raising flour, white caster sugar, salted butter (omitting salt then), a bit more cocoa powder and flour, then chilled the dough in the fridge for an hour before baking. Turned out the cookies are choc-ful chocolaty, with soft brownie like texture. Very decadent.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

it's still bright and cheery

vintage trims + cotton zippy case

vintage embroidered trims purses

Just yesterday, I received this amazing set of fabric button magnets from a nice stranger in Singapore and I felt all warm and fuzzy and good. An art exchange thing I took part in December '09 and I was completely prepared to receive nothing for I know this circulatory forward form of exchange could thin out and end somewhere down the line. I'm glad I took part. I know someone new now, which is important for me at this stage of my life.

If my previous post has caused any concerns, I want to assure that our daily lives are pretty much unexposed to harm (except for the roads and whevenever we're on it then.) It's hasn't been easy living here, considering I come from a tight and safe city. Needless to add, the easy access to many comforts I was used to, I've to find my way around that over here. But I'm thankful for the precious albeit few precious perks for having my family life here and now.

In the shop today, I made up two zip purses using vintage embroidered trims. I'm a fiend of these colourful trims and turning them into purses make them useful and pretty to have around.

Monday, January 04, 2010



It's unnerving to hear that there is/are case(s) of gun robbery, with the bandits posing as water and electricity bill collectors in the estate I'm living in, only recently. What unsettling hearsay if it's true, bad news. I hope Mambo roaming in the front porch and our two schnauzers at the back would help deter such an unfortunate encounter.

brooch - barn owl on a branch embroidery

brooch - solitary owl on a branch

Here, more innocent updates. Two owl brooches now in my shop.

Saturday, January 02, 2010



graffiti wall


As a family, we're trying to get into a more structured schedule and it involving a bit more outdoorsy activities. Cycling is one of them and this morning, I wanted to take some snapshots of a particular wall of graffiti art about five minutes ride away from home. This wall acts as a barricade for a separation of lands and we were within the estate we live in. Graffiti draws my attention and I like reading into the message,if any it gives.

Friday, January 01, 2010

01.01.10 :: meaningful simple

new year's cake

collaborated art

"dog" shirt

A delivered cake in the morning, a prayer then tucking into the fruit cake to mark the first day of this year. After breakfast, we attempted some painting on the back of last year's calendar paper and this was also Kaeden's first venture with brushes and poster colours. Then a new shirt with machine applique for that small fellow. I used to lament (mentally) that boys have a limited choice of clothing from malls. But I think Kaeden simply looks good in a white shirt with a simple design and cotton stripy shorts. Less is more.

I hope for a fulfilling year of simple but meaningful achievements.
Have a joyful new year.