Monday, December 20, 2010

filling the jars :: tea leaves

tea leaves

tea leaves

tea leaves

My plan this time round for giving relatives who celebrate Christmas: a simple bundle of foodstuff put together to each family. I like the idea of giving food, it's meaningful and very practical. Almost similar to what my parents would do with their siblings near the celebration of lunar new year/mid-autumn when they would purchase and exchange yummy goodies for each household. I like that tradition.

My collection of glass jars are taking up the kitchen cabinet space. I decided to use them as packaging. (If you find removing the paper labels on the jars a chore, I find soaking them in water and a bit of dish detergent overnight helps, and of course, a mighty scrub as well.) A helpful handyman sprayed the metal lids with white paint. Then I bought some black tea leaves, filled some jars and cut and paste the labels on them.


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