Wednesday, December 01, 2010

F.D. theme:: a (mini) fire fighter's jacket

F.D. jacket

F.D. jacket (back)

F.D. jacket (front)

Kaeden has a little tykes ride n' rescue coupe for nearly a year. He recently told me he would like a "small small" ladder, hose and a fire hydrant as well, after his close observation of the little tykes' Fire Department logo sticker of those items on the coupe. He is into imaginary play now, which was interesting to watch and listen on my part. I told him getting him a ladder is out of question but I could make him a fireman jacket. He wants the jacket but he's adamant about the ladder.

A light bulb went over my head when Brian's purchase of a golf club bag came in a long big cardboard box a few days ago. Making a cardboard ladder is do-able, possibly a standing paper hydrant too. That will be my next project, now that the jacket is done.

The Chinese-style jacket's tutorial and pattern guidance is from this book. I was bent on making full use of whatever materials I have. I found a piece of dull burnt orange upholstery/drapery sort of fabric given to me (thanks Iris!). Not the best suited colour but it will do, the heavy weight material would give the jacket some form of structure. The orange reflective strip was bought from Daiso (Sg), something which Brian bought for cycling but didn't get to use and the patches (for elementary school Scouts and Brownies, I think) were bought in a market in town a long time ago.

The tiring part of this project is drafting the pattern. I had had lower backache for a whole day and night. I ought to stop working on the floor already. After cutting the fabric up, I must say the rest of the sewing is fun. I used shoelace for binding in the edge and serged up all the seams. Velcro for fastening and black felt for the lettering at the back. After three afternoons, I had the jacket made, a little on the big side so the fellow can grow into it. Considering the low cost of the materials, I felt very satisfied with it. 

I'll give the jacket a wash and post up photos of my little fire fighter wannabe later this week.

F.D. toy vehicles

(Kaeden's battered collection of the F.D. toy vehicles.)


  1. Very cool! Yes, we need to see Kaeden in that and also the fire hydrant and ladder. Lots of work for you, mom :)


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