Saturday, December 25, 2010

bundling up :: year's end

bundling up

bundled up

dishcloth and paper tags

Lastly I bought some jars of homemade organic jam (from Mei; Oma Anna) which I stored in the freezer and whenever I plan to visit a family who's celebrating Christmas, I'd bundle it up along with the tea leaves and biscuits with two new dishcloth before I step out of home.

This ought to be my last post of the year.

I wish everyone a wonderful festive year end.

If you have had been following my crafted work I'd put up here in this blog, read my thoughts I'd let on and even encouraged me with your precious words you'd left me here, you need to know I'm very thankful, with all my heart. Thank you. so much.

Happy new year, 2011.


  1. Happy new year, Fiona. I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and look forward to reading more in 2011.


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