Wednesday, November 24, 2010


mended quilt


Mending:  a quilt (that I made many moons ago) which got shelved after the frequent usage the last time (before Kaeden knows what walking is about), the batting got wonky and threads came apart off the patchwork after a few washings. The quilt hasn't seen daylight since until yesterday, I realize the household needs a spare blanket. Everytime someone's blanket is being washed, a person has to go cold that night and it's always Brian. Poor sod. Before we go out and buy new bedding, I ought to give the quilt a chance for its usage again. After taking care of the patchwork parts, I took apart the batting and replaced it with a new vintage dull bed sheet for interfacing. The quilt now has a nice weight without the bulk. I'm pretty happy that it'll be useful again.


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