Saturday, November 20, 2010


owl journal

You might recall seeing my finished *owl embroidery work, my original intention for it to be a calendar cover but I decided against it at the last minute. Hence I shelved it until today, I made it into a cover for a new ring bound journal book instead. An early made present for a family friend. (view more of it here and here.)

*owl embroidery pattern from this book I wrote about before.

Some other news:

+ If you know the dogs in my family, Mickey our first, isn't doing so well. He's been lying down a lot now, needing assistance to stand and limps, not eating much. He's a ravenous eater so that part makes me sad. He usually recovers from anything that afflicts him before. It's probably age, although he's not that old (9 years?). If we're in Singapore, there's no question of him seeing a vet, pronto. But not here. I'm sorry, I'd heard some horror stories, I'm just not confident of anyone who can help him out here. I'm feeling so weary about it.

+ We made the trip to the library yesterday and met a wonderful lady who had been very kind. Kaeden got a new hot wheeler and an orange ball. (Thanks Evi, if you're reading this!) I sort of regret not visiting the library in those earlier months. I did a search to check if there's any information about the library online and found Katie's blog. (She wrote a post about the library and her postings about her stay here struck many right chords in me, except upon self reflection, I'm less involved in the society here hence less experiences.) The exterior of the library looks like this.

If you are planning to be or already are in the town of Palembang for a long while, looking to know the English speaking community or just thinking of borrowing books (in English), I take the liberty to share the address here:

English Library
Jl. MP Mankunegara No. 100
Palembang 30114
ph/fax: (62)711 818 897

Do call to ask the opening hours+/directions, if it's going to be your first visit.
Closed on Mondays, Sundays and I believe, public holidays as well.

+ Happy wedding day, Brian. We'll go for that hamburger later.


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