Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hello Golly!

a page from R.Dahl's book

When I was re-reading Roald Dahl's autobiography titled 'Boy and Going Solo', I came upon the photo taken when he was very young, posing with his sisters and one of them, holding a little black doll. Because I've the spare time now, I decided to re-discover and dwell upon my sense of intrigue with Golliwoggs. The controversial character, because of the sensitive topics that would arise of it, could also be called Golly (once a trade mark and named by an English preserves company, Robertson's) by some. But I prefer to stick to the original name, given by the creator of a series of Golliwogg's stories, Florence Upton. I'd imagined that the existence of the doll has been around before the author and that part of its history, I hope to find out more.

a Golly doll postcard

My interest in Golliwogg leans towards its demeanor. I haven't read any of Florence's books yet but it was described at its best, a fun loving character with its quirks and shortcomings. Golliwogg is said to be teddy bear's best friend too. This is something else I plan to find out more on. The beauty of this male doll is that aside from his signature big hairdo and wide smile, there were so many renditions of it (clothing,  the types of smile, nose or without etc) and I'm excited about the future possibilities of it that artists could come up with.

'Collecting Golliwoggs:

Reading and then flipping many times through the book 'Collecting Golliwoggs: Teddy Bear's best friend' by Dee Hockenberry has helped opened my eyes to the dolls made and the memorabilia from the earlier times. When some dolls hadn't look that much appealing at my first glance, I paid attention to them later on, then began to appreciate the details and later on found myself realizing that 'Hey, this doll isn't that bad looking.' and saw that it's nice to look at after that, all in a matter of a few more glances and comprehending the details. A reflection I found pretty similar to my dealings with living beings.

I aim to make my own Golly doll, not wanting to hasten the process, preferring to research into it and slowly draft its pattern and source the materials. At this point, I won't launch into a collecting frenzy for finances (current and future) certainly don't allow that! But what I'd like to do, is to check the market out for related books/stories and in the future, approach artists for their handmade Golly versions. That would make the process of me acquainting with the special Golliwogg a meaningful one.

big smile!

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  1. one of a kind indeed! can't wait to see your DIY version :)


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