Friday, November 26, 2010

giving thanks:: chocolate chip biscuits

give thanks: biscuits

chocolate chip biscuits

I baked a batch of heart shaped chocolate chip biscuits this morning, to bring to a thanksgiving party at the library later in the day. The basic recipe is ::here::, except chocolate chips are added instead of almonds. It was really quick and easy and definitely my go-to recipe now for biscuit making. I packed the biscuits in plastic containers which came with store bought cookies previously. I do feel good that they got to be re-used, justifying my hoarding of every empty plastic/tin/glass container that comes my way. Then I finished packing by gluing on handwritten and printed paper labels. The vintage circus characters are printed from ::here::.

Happy weekend.


  1. looks yummy! nyam nyam...
    I love the label too <3

  2. WOW! The library has parties now?? FUN!

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  4. Hi Dil, your comment got deleted without my doing. Sorry about that. I hope blogger does not repeat this on my blog again.

    However I got and read your comment on my e-mail box.
    Thanks for visiting! :)


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