Monday, November 22, 2010

fabled envelopes

fable envelopes

fable envelopes

The nearest local bookstore near home doesn't carry that big of an envelope size range, hence I have had trouble getting hold of the right ones for my clover postcards, especially when I want to send some other small things along with them. So I got to making my own envelopes, using the pages from an old hand me down storybook. The short stories aren't that engaging and the pages are aged with yellow spots so I didn't feel too guilty tearing the book up. It could only yield 10 envelopes. I stuck white self adhesive labels on for address writing space.


  1. These look wonderful. I never knew that the postman would entertain printed envelopes. At least, they would have a change from the usual white or brown variety they come across most of the time.

  2. These are super cute. What a lovely idea.


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