Saturday, November 06, 2010

Book: Singing and Rhyming (1950 By Ginn and Company)

Singing & Rhyming book

the bus

the aeroplane

It's been a long time since I'd stepped into the English Library in Palembang until yesterday, when I've run out of reading materials and started feeling fidgety. The library here is small and the volumes are usually old but each time I go there, it feels akin to stepping into a candy store and discovering a new flavour. I'm always thrilled to pick up an old forgotten book that contains treasured words.

In yesterday's case, it was a beautiful year 1950 book of song lyrics, even stories (!) and their accompanying music scores. A compilation of 208 titles, I think. (More images of the book here and here.) It's been fun going through familiar songs and I'm aiming to expand my limited repertoire, teaching Kaeden as I go along.

I hope to stay committed to visiting the library here regularly. and also hopefully, get to keep a copy of this treasure: Singing and Rhyming in my book collection someday. I have one in my possession now!


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