Wednesday, November 10, 2010

33 / thirty-three / 三 十 三

Brian's birthday

The evening before yesterday, Kaeden chose four colored balloons for me to blow up and attach to its stick holders and also, taping cone shaped party hats out of paper the boy and I had randomly painted on before and stashed aside. I found a glass canister and stick the balloons in and we had a centre-piece for the dining table where in the morning of Brian's birthday, saw a spread of strawberry topped cheesecake, card from our friends, present and cookies made by Puri of ideku handmade (see more of the delish~ cookies, here.). Needless to say, the edibles were yummy! Eating cake and cookies for a birthday breakfast can easily become a family tradition.


Here's a photo, I promised to show, of Brian wearing his gift, posing beside a decoration piece in the hotel where we had our dinner last night.


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