Saturday, October 02, 2010

mishmash 好 杂 !

 at the top

spool holder

a mish a mash

My workspace: a chaotic collection of sewing paraphernalia, laptop, mementoes and gifts from loved ones.

Shortly after I picked up the hobby of sewing, I'd been wanting a thread spool holder. But I haven't the know how and means to make one myself. When I found out Lia is selling one of those until recently, I'd to grab it, furthermore one in red colour! It's definitely worth the long wait.


  1. Always so nice to have a glimpse of another creative space! A red spools-holder...that's really pretty!

  2. I love your creative space. It's so neat, clean and simple. The red thread spool is divine! My sewing space is ahem...a creative mess!


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