Wednesday, October 13, 2010


library bag

drawstring bag

Has it been a long time since I'd made a bag? There was a little mojo lost when I was sewing the library bag. Perhaps there was so much eagerness in me for making clothing currently, I had to gather my thoughts and re-acclimatise with the simple straight lines required for the bags.

From two friends in Singapore, I'd borrowed books and dvd drama serials respectively to help me keep entertained over here. It's nearing the end of the year when I'm beginning to think of gift preparing and giving. So in order to start the list, I thought I ought to return S. Cheng her books along with the library bag (see the other side, here) and Sarah, her dvds in the drawstring bag.

materials used:
fabric - blue ANNAMOA
embroidered trims
white lace
recycled green cotton sheet

oh, I've got an overlocker! (thanks Brian, for answering my exasperated thoughts whining.) It's an old school metal thing with many confusing holes for three threads to thread through and that comes with a rough finished wooden table and slightly rusty metal legs. Because of the heavyweight material of the fabric, I simply serge the fabric edge without adding lining for the drawstring bag.

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  1. Old style overlocker? Curious about how it looks, care to share a pic with us?


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