Monday, October 25, 2010

for my boy & the things he say

"Go toys!" pouch

"Go toys!" pouch

"Go toys!" pouch

I had a sudden burst of energy after putting Kaeden off to nap last afternoon and the idea of a travel play pouch was egging me to make itself materialize. Hence, the patchwork version of the "Go toys!" play pouch. (more views of it here and here. and you might recall my bigger version of the playmat, here.)

The travel pouch has six pockets to hold Kaeden's small construction vehicles and maybe some marbles and has an extension of a "road, trees, quarry and a lake". It wraps up 'popiah' style and fastens with a long vintage trim. For the patchwork fabric pieces, I tried to stick to the colours: green and maybe his favourite colour, orange.


When I was a student, I subscribed to the magazine Readers' Digest for a short time and I remember enjoying reading the jokes sections where there were often, a page dedicated to the words spoken by the young ones in each magazine. My son isn't a joker but at times, I caught myself laughing at the candid way he talks.

There are two episodes I won't forget.


Upon the words of a doctor's advice and also common sense, I told Kaeden that visiting the parks and avoiding crowded malls would be a good idea when we were last in Singapore.

me: let's visit the parks more often. but the one near home is under construction.  
       there's no nearby park we can go to. how?

Kaeden: have! CARpark! (pointing his finger in that direction.)


me: K, what if mummy goes to work and daddy stays home to look after you?

Kaeden: no.

me: why?

Kaeden: you're not strong... enough.

Honestly, I was insulted and haven't the faintest idea why he thinks that way. On another occasion, I asked again and his reasoning was this:

"only daddy 'got' strength to open the (metal) gate and drive the (VW) bus." out to work.

I was amazed that he used the words 'enough' and 'strength' and on hindsight, the words are very true.


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