Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the bright & light sides

framed up

my other workspace

I grew tired of looking at the quilt that used to hang on a part of a wall of the room where I sew. The current wall is where my serger and its attached table is placed against. The quilt now acts as a cover for my sewing seat and to replace its absence on the wall, I hang two embroidery hoops of a linen calendar and a handkerchief which reminds me of happy days. I haven't the desire to "uglify" the wall even more by knocking in nails to hold them up. I'll just have to make do with sticky tape until there comes the time for a change again.

Desert Azalea

Desert Azalea

A big downpour two weekends ago caused the internet network satellite or whatever it is called, to collapse and hence the home network has been on and off, with the second time being "off" for a few days this week after the first check and repair at home by the network company fellows. There was a power trip for about 6 hours during the day yesterday, hence further delaying the internet network repair and check and finally I'm back online today. (Just after that sentence, a power trip struck again for 15 min. The timing was immaculate.) 

Well, the point is, had these situations happen last year, I would throw a fit. Instead, I took all these inconveniences in my stride. I played with Kaeden on the floor and lying down on it too (to keep cool) for as long as my back could bear. I paced around the house, finding things to pick up and straighten. It has taken me four years but I'd finally learned. There wasn't any anger, probably slight anxiety and that was it. Is this what growing up/old is like? I've realized to learn to stop and smell the flowers, quite literally. I want to share the photos of the pot of Desert/Mock Azalea in an amazing bloom, a farewell gift from a friend.

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