Saturday, October 30, 2010

6 red buttons

birthday shirt

birthday shirt

Brian's birthday is not due in a little more than a week but I can't wait to show what I'd been up to the past afternoons and finally completed it today: a shirt for the birthday guy. It's made of black linen and red buttons for fastening; the pattern from Burdastyle Jakob #6013 but I'd made considerable changes like the mandarin collar, short sleeves and straight cut fit.

I had Brian tried it on. It wasn't a perfection (sleeves, a tad too long!) I must admit but still decently wearable. The shirt's now in the package and he's got to act surprised on the day we celebrate (for Kaeden's sake ya?). I'll put up pictures of the man wearing the shirt after he has officially turned 33.


  1. Great shirt! Sometimes the best wearables are accidents- like your sleeve you THINK is too long. may look great once on the bod and even turned up once or twice. Question- did you off set the front button placket? It appears to be asymmetrical, but it may just be the photo angle.
    Happy designing,

  2. :) i certainly meant it to be straight. if it isn't, there the imperfection, again.

  3. that's really really nice...I love it :)


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