Sunday, September 12, 2010

special glimpses

A week has passed since Brian joined us in Singapore last Saturday. We tried to run some small errands and spent the little precious time with family and friends.

Some glimpses of the things I love from the past week. ::

from Ikea

On the day we picked Brian up from the airport, we went to Ikea for dinner and I brought home a loot of 3 types of fabric, a metre each. Before, I'd flipped through Ikea's latest catalogue and I'd already decided I wanted to buy the blue Annamoa by designer Lotta Kühlhorn.

owl earrings

The three of us met my two girl pals for lunch which Sarah gave a treat, in the central business district on Thursday. Christie gave me a pair of owl earrings which I like deeply! She's always looking out for owl items for me when out shopping and this pair was acquired from her Hong Kong trip. (Thanks girl! *flying kiss*)

at East Coast

at East Coast

Yesterday, we went to the beach along with the same friends whom we'd met for going to Sentosa a year ago. Only this time, it was to the East Coast and two kids who are a year older with different sets of demands. ha..

Being at the seaside always bring out the calm in me. We should be planning a trip there again. I hope soon. I always look forward to the sounds of the waves and the feel of the sand on my feet.

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  1. ahhh.. you know what I'm thinking..
    I really love your earings! :D


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