Wednesday, September 01, 2010

something old, some things thrifted

thrifted fabric finds

A few days ago, I stepped into a nondescript thrift shop in a market near home. There was a plastic box holding some bundles of fabric, rolled up individually and fastened with rubber bands. From it, I found three different types of fabric: thick plaid cotton, floral almost sheer cotton and green printed polyester. They all came in generous metres, especially the latter which I'm particularly fond of the sheen and print, is nearly 6 metres long. The three have been freshly laundered and I can't wait to cut into one and sew something soon.

an Echolac suitcase

Just yesterday I became the new owner of a vintage suitcase, whose previous brief owners are my dear friends. (Thanks 大 哥 and S. Cheng!) It sure looks handsome with my other two; I now have a humble but happy collection of luggages storage cases!

3 suitcases


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