Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my 1st terrarium




The family returned to Palembang four days ago. I came back with mixed feelings, just like every other time. Now that Kaeden is "banned" from attending school until he's four and above, a verdict passed by the pediatrician (a specialist in asthma/bronchitis), I'm quite at a loss on filling up our daily time with possible activities. Making trips to 'Tumble Tots' had helped encouraged ourselves to get out home more in Palembang and meet people. I've to think in the line of taking walks and going for swims as alternatives now.

The first "activity" I set myself to do is to make a small terrarium. From our last trip to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, I saw some beautiful terrariums in nice bell shaped glass jars in the gift shop. Inspired, Brian and I sourced around the mall we usually go to over here for the supplies the past two days and I set up my mini garden of two plants this morning.

If my second child could be carried to full term, he/she would be born sometime around the estimated date of last Sunday, the 26th. I'd imagined I would be feeling shattered on that day but I managed well, saved for a few tears. So I thought the terrarium would be a simple dedication to that memory. It's now sitting as a centre piece of the dining table, jostling for space when there are plates of food and the plastic food cover, otherwise a surprising pleasant feature to have.


  1. That is gorgeous!

    Hey, maybe you could take Kaeden on the train to UNSRI and back. Good fun!

  2. The terrariums is beautiful :)

    For activities to do with Kaeden, you may want to visit this blog for inspiration:

    Now Hanhan is already in school, I missed how we spent time together doing different activities. So have fun with little Kaeden!

  3. Amanda: yes, i should find out more on that! and visit those 'tourist spots' sometime. but i haven't got the courage to go alone with kaeden. lol!

    Pauline: thanks for the link. i'd included it in my reading list. :)


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