Wednesday, September 22, 2010

been to the red and green places

For the past days, my family had been trying to make the best of the remaining days left of the itinerary travelling around Singapore. With so many rapid changes taken and taking place; new buildings, grounds and roads, Brian and I couldn't help feeling like we're foreigners in our own homeland at times.

The best and fun parts were visiting familiar places we love.
Here're photos from two places visited.

Kaeden's request: to visit the Central Fire Station museum

Central Fire Station; museum


My request: a trip to the Botanic Gardens

at the Botanic Gardens

catch the ball!

pigeon feeding

Brian once said our (holi)days spent here were the Sundays in Palembang put together. How apt.

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  1. Kaeden is such a big boy now!! I hope we'll all meet up again soon before these kids grow up hahaha


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