Wednesday, September 29, 2010

it's always summer! blouse

summer blouse

cotton friend p.59

summer blouse

summer blouse


made today:
it's always summer! blouse

pattern from:
Cotton friend
summer edition 2010 vol. 35 p.59-61
:: I omitted the elastic waistband. Not a fan of elastic bands on clothing myself. ::

materials used:
hand-me-down vintage floral white fabric (thank you, Beehui!)
vintage white lace (for back fastening)
white thread

brass rabbit ring (present from Brian; bought from The Little Dröm Store)
:: I tied a red suede string around the ring so I could have the option of wearing it round my neck. ::

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my 1st terrarium




The family returned to Palembang four days ago. I came back with mixed feelings, just like every other time. Now that Kaeden is "banned" from attending school until he's four and above, a verdict passed by the pediatrician (a specialist in asthma/bronchitis), I'm quite at a loss on filling up our daily time with possible activities. Making trips to 'Tumble Tots' had helped encouraged ourselves to get out home more in Palembang and meet people. I've to think in the line of taking walks and going for swims as alternatives now.

The first "activity" I set myself to do is to make a small terrarium. From our last trip to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, I saw some beautiful terrariums in nice bell shaped glass jars in the gift shop. Inspired, Brian and I sourced around the mall we usually go to over here for the supplies the past two days and I set up my mini garden of two plants this morning.

If my second child could be carried to full term, he/she would be born sometime around the estimated date of last Sunday, the 26th. I'd imagined I would be feeling shattered on that day but I managed well, saved for a few tears. So I thought the terrarium would be a simple dedication to that memory. It's now sitting as a centre piece of the dining table, jostling for space when there are plates of food and the plastic food cover, otherwise a surprising pleasant feature to have.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

thrift finds

Being an unorthodox shopper, I appreciate and like to explore shops with independent labels, flea markets and whenever possible, roam Sungei Road thieves' market.

Newly acquired from there are -
thrift score no.1:

Parents Magnet School (tin box of alphabets, numbers and word cards)

thrift score: magnet school tin box


thrift score no. 2:

a picnic basket with gingham checks lining
- currently a storage case for the family's insurance papers

thrift score: picnic basket

thrift score: picnic basket

been to the red and green places

For the past days, my family had been trying to make the best of the remaining days left of the itinerary travelling around Singapore. With so many rapid changes taken and taking place; new buildings, grounds and roads, Brian and I couldn't help feeling like we're foreigners in our own homeland at times.

The best and fun parts were visiting familiar places we love.
Here're photos from two places visited.

Kaeden's request: to visit the Central Fire Station museum

Central Fire Station; museum


My request: a trip to the Botanic Gardens

at the Botanic Gardens

catch the ball!

pigeon feeding

Brian once said our (holi)days spent here were the Sundays in Palembang put together. How apt.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

special glimpses

A week has passed since Brian joined us in Singapore last Saturday. We tried to run some small errands and spent the little precious time with family and friends.

Some glimpses of the things I love from the past week. ::

from Ikea

On the day we picked Brian up from the airport, we went to Ikea for dinner and I brought home a loot of 3 types of fabric, a metre each. Before, I'd flipped through Ikea's latest catalogue and I'd already decided I wanted to buy the blue Annamoa by designer Lotta Kühlhorn.

owl earrings

The three of us met my two girl pals for lunch which Sarah gave a treat, in the central business district on Thursday. Christie gave me a pair of owl earrings which I like deeply! She's always looking out for owl items for me when out shopping and this pair was acquired from her Hong Kong trip. (Thanks girl! *flying kiss*)

at East Coast

at East Coast

Yesterday, we went to the beach along with the same friends whom we'd met for going to Sentosa a year ago. Only this time, it was to the East Coast and two kids who are a year older with different sets of demands. ha..

Being at the seaside always bring out the calm in me. We should be planning a trip there again. I hope soon. I always look forward to the sounds of the waves and the feel of the sand on my feet.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

falling dreamily

floral smock

floral smock

From some observations of the clothing shops here and Singaporean ladies' fashion on the streets, I saw many floral blouses mostly lightweight for sale and chiffon types polka dot blouses being worn, which I thought were nice. um.. Ever since I returned to Singapore, I haven't spend a dollar on a piece of clothing on myself. huh, How rare! I hope I could hold onto that determination until the end of the trip.

Speaking of floral tops, I've never had one in my wardrobe before and so the thrifted fabric I scored recently came in handy. The tutorial by Made by Rae deserves two thumbs up. This is my 3rd time following it! That is after making my friend's top which I'd mentioned about making it before.

In order to help with (and encourage myself on) my dollar pinching way, I made the new addition to the wardrobe today. An almost sheer green floral speckled with pink flowers smock with ruffle sleeves; great for layering over a simple camisole and for pairing it up with my pair of black shorts/capri pants. I rather like the dreamy look..

clothing package

Here's the completed smock for my friend, along with it I bought a new raglan style grey knit cardigan to add on to the package.


On a completely different note
go listen to a good friend's music.
Es, who is part of Elektone is giving free sounds away! (go here)

I must say, I like 'Falling into you', which Es said he'll sing for 'live' performance. wow...

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

something old, some things thrifted

thrifted fabric finds

A few days ago, I stepped into a nondescript thrift shop in a market near home. There was a plastic box holding some bundles of fabric, rolled up individually and fastened with rubber bands. From it, I found three different types of fabric: thick plaid cotton, floral almost sheer cotton and green printed polyester. They all came in generous metres, especially the latter which I'm particularly fond of the sheen and print, is nearly 6 metres long. The three have been freshly laundered and I can't wait to cut into one and sew something soon.

an Echolac suitcase

Just yesterday I became the new owner of a vintage suitcase, whose previous brief owners are my dear friends. (Thanks 大 哥 and S. Cheng!) It sure looks handsome with my other two; I now have a humble but happy collection of luggages storage cases!

3 suitcases