Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'Lost in the woods, Goldilocks?' Smock top no.1




On Sunday I went to buy a piece of beige coloured thick cotton for matching my piece of Kokka fabric 'trefle' design, Goldilocks and a bear theme. I fell in love with the woodland theme and the scallop edging borders where one side had big lace eyelets. I knew I had to turn the fabric into a blouse. Just like how The Sew Convert had turned hers into a pretty sleeved top. I've been in awe over her sewing skills and handmade clothing!

Actually I wanted to make a blouse for a dear friend (she's been a darling to me lately!) but in order to gain confidence, I decided to make one for myself first on that day, passing through all the potential mistakes I would have made. and oh boy, did I make some!

When starting out, I had a smock design in mind, something like what I'd done 3 years ago. I really liked that piece but really, I couldn't fit into it already. Luckily I found a tutorial by Made by Rae on the Spring Ruffle top which I thought was almost similar minus the ruffle sleeves and it is great in a way that I wouldn't require paper patterns. My main mistake was that I forgot about adding extra inches to the bodice width and had to improvise by adding the beige cotton to the sides. After some adjustments on my part, like replacing the ruffles with the eyelet borders and adding fabric pieces for the inside top bodice for a neater look, I ended with something I really would like wearing to the parks.


  1. So nice!!! Really love your version, great use of fabric too! Very well done Fiona! You should sew more for yourself, I need a partner in crime :)

  2. It's cute! If I have figure like you and Sew Convert, I will sew more for myself :P

  3. Really like it! looks so nice and sweet!
    And the fabric is sooo cute, with the girl, the bear and the trees, like a fairy tale!


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