Thursday, August 05, 2010

new look! :: ironing board

I had put off changing a new cover onto the family's old ironing board which was er-hm.. "rescued" from my father-in-law's house, for far too long.. until today. After stripping off the tattered covering with torn burnt off patches, an almost ancient looking board revealed itself. Apart from some rust forming, the legs of the ironing board are still quite sturdy. I gave the whole thing a good wipe down, not believing the amount of dust accumulated on the top of the board. Still in denial, eh?

Using fabric bought a few years back; a Caroline Abild Jessen 2005 design from Ikea, batting interface and a used blue floral bedsheet for the underside, I made the cover by turning the board upside down and tracing the outline on the pieced fabric and adding a few inches away, hem the edge and gave an elastic fastening all around. I later think a simple cord would suffice instead of elastic. The overall project was done in a quick jiffy. There are two tutorials I found on the d-i-y ironing board cover: here and here

I could have simply bought a new ironing board cover but it certainly won't bring that much fun and satisfaction.

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