Sunday, August 08, 2010

my blue plaid blouse

On Friday I completed making this blouse, pattern from view 1 the vintage Simplicity 3882 of which I'd made the first blouse before. Compared to the other material, the blue plaid cotton was so much a breeze to work on. I've got a better fit on too because wowsers, I'd sewed on an invisible zipper to the side of the blouse! I was like "woo hoo!" and mental macarena dance. Hands down the greatest sewing achievement in the year. The invisible zipper foot for my sewing machine, previously something I haven't a clue of its function of, is like a best mate never too late to know.

I've got to give credits to Grosgrain's tutorial on sewing the invisible zipper. I'd watched the video and filed the memory of the lesson in my head and I'm feeling so grateful for that.

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