Saturday, August 14, 2010

Modern Embroidery over coffee

Modern Embroidery; Ike Rosen

Apple with a future

The dish of mushrooms

Owl and Owlet II

Owl and Owlet

On Thursday, Kaeden and I came over to Singapore. It was a spur of the moment decision thanks to the cough Kaeden has had been having over the past month. I had decided that it is not part of the common cold and flu and I'd better hop over back home for a more sound and professional advice. Perhaps it's because of the fresh air we've been having over here, he's way much better and I let the case be shelved from 'urgent' to 'keep in view'.

So over the past two days of settling down, we've already borrowed books from the library for reading, a must-do routine. I'm really happy with that. But I'm most thrilled with reading a book which I'd made into my possession sometime back. It's the 'Modern Embroidery' 1972 by Ike Rosen. For as long as I can remember back, I've always been coveting it. Until recently I managed to get hold of one at a more affordable price at Amazon and re-route its shipping through VIAddress to Singapore for nearly the same cost of this used but otherwise still in good condition book, for the seller did not post outside of the US.

I took the opportunity today while Kaeden was napping, to once again read the embroidery book over a cup of coffee. It was precious time! I really adore the lines/designs undertaken and I thought to share my favourite images of patterns of apple, mushrooms and owls here.


  1. Fiona, did you received the batik dress already? :)

  2. wow fiona
    i never heard about this book but it looks totaly amazing!!!
    thanks for sharing now i need to figer out how to get one for my self


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