Saturday, July 31, 2010

That semi-glam blouse!

Not too long ago, I bought my first vintage pattern for blouse making, a year 1952 Simplicity 3882 featuring a wide v shaped neckline. I do like blouses with such a neckline and the illustration of the timeless designs and even its colour and fabric coordination simply sold on me.

I was determined to start off with view 2, the one with collars and I had in mind, a solid colour Thai silk material that would go well with the pattern. But it was my first time tackling vintage blouse making and honestly, with my limited self-taught sewing skills, I started with moderate level confidence and used a cheaper material (Rp 20 000/m), a champagne colour Rayon, I think, bought from the fabric store. Rayon isn't something I'd normally wear but it's the closest to what I had in mind. I also had to make adjustments with the pattern sizing and omitted the recommended side zipper.

The result was a slightly loose fitting blouse with uneven front collars! I'm okay with the not too fitting look however I'd want to try sewing zipper to it the next time I make it again so I can get a better fit of the blouse. This semi-glam looking blouse is letting me have ideas on making a skirt from that 50's era to complete the look!


  1. Fiona, that's very good for your 1st attempt in making clothes for yourself. I would say much more successful then mine :P 一起加油!

  2. goodness that is beautiful. delicate, and perfect. thank you for sharing with us this piece of times past. saw you from burdastyle.. :) happy to be inspired by you


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