Wednesday, July 21, 2010

poppies & roses

A dear friend gave me a store bought box shaped pouch with handle for my birthday and I like it a lot. It was made of pink birds and cages theme laminated cotton with batting and lined with brown and white polka dotted cotton. Inspired, I decided to give a shot at making one like it then later one more, for the the other two birthdays coming up. Luckily my available zips' length is sufficient enough for making a smaller almost cube shaped versions. There is a brilliant tutorial on making the boxy shape pouch over here.

For Jenny's pouch, I used the precious nani iro antique label pink poppy, quilted it with felt and lined with brown and white polka dot cotton and a brown zipper closure. Going inside the pouch as part of the gift is a Tony Moly peach hand cream, bought from here.

For Josi, the pouch is made of a green zipper, roses theme sheet cotton, quilted with felt and lined with red and white polka dot cotton. Going inside the pouch is a small tube of Etude House lip gloss.

Although both ladies' names start with the letter 'J j', the pronunciation of the Indonesian alphabet dictates that it be pronounced like the letter 'Y y' so they are really called 'Yenny' and 'Yosi' instead despite the spelling. Just a small fun fact.


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