Saturday, July 24, 2010

no knead (~ ♪) bread

After reading Melissa's post which she aptly titled lazy breadmaking, I thought I should give the recipe (video) a try and baked the bread last evening. Honestly, I only ventured in making bread just that one time and I was afraid of doing it again especially the kneading part. It was hard work! Furthermore I ought to try new recipes not including sugar, something Kaeden could do less of in his diet as advised by his physician, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.

The part about mixing the ingredients in a large container and leaving the dough to rise in it was awesome. I used the tallest and largest container I could find at home, and because of my one time previous experience of dough not rising and not wanting to risk it another time, I rest my container of dough next to a pot slowly double boiling my dried dates and longan tea. In less than two hours, I was glad to see the dough had risen to more than twice its original volume with many tiny air pockets in it. Would room temperature be sufficient enough? This, I'll have to try it out the next time.

The baking part was a little stressful because my oven refused to heat up to the advised temperature despite the one hour worth of preheating. So I lingered expectantly around the oven until the bread was baked for about half an hour.

My two large loaves of bread didn't have a nice brown colour, I'd assume the lack of oven heat. However I was rather happy with the medium hard crust and the soft holey chewable bread. I had a warm slice with butter and a glass of milk before bed and the family had it for breakfast this morning. We plan to toast the leftovers for sandwiches tomorrow.

I could make a few more rounds of this bread and try keeping the dough in the fridge and see if a sourdough could be achieved although I don't quite fancy that taste. I'd made a mental note to check these books (Artisan / Healthy bread in Five minutes a day) out and make one part of my library the next time I get to the city.


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