Friday, July 16, 2010

me and my baviphat

I'm going to totally go out of sync with my usual blog posts' topic and share about skin care items. You read right. I've never been excited about skin care products until about a month ago, I purchased my first few baviphat items. Until recently, there are growing reviews online about some of its products while before I could only find limited reviews, well at least in English that is. I suppose because of different skin types, there are currently mix reviews about each product out there.

I do wonder the efficacy of renown premium skin care brands on some occasions and hope to try them out in the future. But perhaps for now, some of its baviphat facial products are going to be permanent fixtures on my dresser. For one, the containers are uber cute. Brian was amazed to see me jump in excitement when I received my 2. Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack and commented that the company hit the right spot on women. But packaging aside, I was really thrilled that I could use it soon and have my skin bettered. If the product failed, what's the point of it even if the container is cute to have? (You may read about the components and functions of the fruit masks I found here.) (About 3. Red apple soft lip balm, I'd mentioned it before.)

I could describe my skin to be a combination type, leaning to oily especially in this tropic heat. With every menstrual cycle and hormonal fluctuations, I've seen good and bad, mostly bad skin days. I first bought the 1. Mango Magic Brightening Fruit Mask Pack, something I could wash off as I was unsure about leaving a new product on my face overnight. At that time, my skin was starting to " deteriorate", the mask was in my view, trying to gut out the hidden junk. I was going through a phase of red, patchy and pimply. Later, I tried the apple ac sample and overnight, it calmed the redness down a lot! It doesn't have a sticky after feel and smells like the real stuff, apples!

The 4. Paprika trouble out jelly cream also controlled the sebum well and I could go through the first few hours of the day without feeling greasy. So later on I got the 5. trouble out spot gel, part of the series, better convinced that it would work on me. I've tried the Peach All-in-One Peeling Gel Fruit Mask Pack sample too and like it as well. My skin was smoother after each use. So it's in my wish list now. As of now, my skin is on the recovery, I've noticed, along with these products and the others that I have, also to do with the hormones.

Zhen from iheartkoreanbeauty had given me a generous supply of samples and I'd used up most of the baviphat ones. I'm left with sample packs: 3 of the Lemon Whitening Fruit Mask Pack and 2 Grape anti wrinkle gel cream. I don't intend to do much about wrinkle care as of now and I've no hopes of my skin turning fairer. I'll keep one of the lemon just to try and forward the rest to my first reader who is interested, someone residing in Indonesia. If you're the one, do leave me a note and your email address so I can ask for your mailing address. No takers until today (28 sept '10) so I'm just gonna use them all.


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