Monday, July 12, 2010

it's been a week

It's been a week since I picked up these flowers from the walk the three of us took at the basketball concourse a short distance from home last Sunday. The walk was some sort of a mini jungle trek, with the roots of surrounding big trees uprooting and cracking up the cement stairs, withered flowers and leaves (litters too) strewn on the ground and puddles of mud water here and there and a rusty threatening-to-break basketball hoop stand . "Build a place and forget about it." that was what Brian said.

During the week that passed, I'd made a homewear sleeveless blouse using black and white stripe jersey given by Iris (thanks girl!). It's so homely looking (= comfortable to wear), I'm too shy to post it up here. I'd also cooked some stuff, kimchi chigae tuna version (I'm going to build up that courage and make kimchi soon.), soya sauce stew pork trotters, some batches of ice cream, beef shepherd's pie and my current favourite to bake, lemon slice.

During the week that passed, two out of three (the males) in the family fell victim to the flu bug, and a major tantrum outburst happened to prevent the one more build up of frustrations which lead to the eventual gastric pain. yes, a wild outburst can ward off gastric. I personally verified it.

During the week that passed, I looked through my window of the world; (read: internet through the laptop screen), wishing I could be somewhere else, playing a thought of buying a serger and thinking ambitiously I could make nice clothes with it, looking at vintage dress patterns and discovering this cute body measurement chart download.

What a week! How's this one going to turn out?


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