Tuesday, July 27, 2010

birthday package :: camisole & a twirly skirt

For the first time, I made a piece of little girl's clothing, a red and white polka dot twirly skirt. I ever harbour the wish of making clothes for young girls so I'm going to realize it and start practicing even if they will be gifts for children not mine. The skirt is a simple first piece to put together, the pattern obtained from the Japanese magazine, Cotton Friend; Spring edition 2007, vol.22. (Here's a tutorial one could use, for making another cute looking skirt.) I did some adaptations of mine by adding french seams to the sides. psst.. I'm still contemplating the thought of owning a serger.

After making the skirt, I thought I ought to shop for a matching blouse until I remembered my friends passed on a used camisole which was part of a(n) teenage/adult dress set, to me for my free use. It is a really pretty thin cotton piece with laces adorned and with missing buttons. So I simply reinforced the seams, shortened the bodice and replaced the original ones with my black buttons.

This set of camisole and skirt will be going to Kaeden's youngest cousin, Megan who is turning 7 in a little more than a week's time. I'll be making a pouch next to add on to the birthday package.


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