Friday, July 02, 2010

babybug keychain :: tutorial

Just a sequel to my babybug theme, a little babybug keychain which I'll be putting into a package I'm intending to send to a friend. This time, I'll show the simple steps of how I made it. If you like, feel free to have a go at making your own babybug!

You'll need

a sewing machine
a needle

4 rectangle :: 3.5" x 2.5" :: pieces of fabric (two of each design)
a cord/string :: 6" ::
a bead (optional)
a metal keychain hoop

(how I did mine: on a paper, eyeball and draw an oval - approximately 3" in width, 4" in length, then cut)
fabric marker

Sew the top and bottom piece of fabric, right sides together. Repeat for the other two.

On one piece of joined fabric, trace out the template.
Thread the bead (if you're using one) through the cord.
Fold the cord in half and placed it in between the two joined pieces of fabric.
Pin all right sides (fabric and cord) together.

Machine sew along the tracing, remembering to leave an opening.
Trim the messy edge.
Turn right side out through the opening.
(at this step, you may insert stuffing if you like!)
Hand stitch the opening close.

Top stitch the edge
then draw the features of your babybug with fabric markers.
Attach the keychain hoop to cord.


  1. cute keychain.... :)
    love your artwork fi... :)

  2. Just come across your lovely blog and love all your stuff esp. your lovely baking and thanks for this tutorial <3


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