Sunday, June 06, 2010

some new things

some new things

Some new stuff to add to my collection. I did try to be good and only spent on two laces and a piece of fabric in Chinatown a few days ago. I went to Ikea yesterday and didn't cut a single piece of cloth off in the fabric section. Now I'm asking myself "why?".

nani iro antique label

Nani Iro antique label hana kago fabric bought from Matabi.

some fabric

Purple jersey and thick flannel given to me by my friend, Iris.


  1. i love your new fabrics
    latly im in to buying fabrics my self
    i orderd so much that now i even feel a little guilty for spending so much money...
    o well i know i have that fabric sickness..

  2. The nani iro fabric!! Wow! I love it!

    And with fabric shopping, I totally understand you! I can't stop buying. And when I manage it to be reasonable for once, afterwards I'm always sad that I didn't bring the precious things home :)


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