Thursday, June 17, 2010

a nice start

books borrowed & bought

Thank you for leaving a comment of book suggestions and good wishes if you've done so, in my birthday giveaway post. Through, I've picked a winner at number 11 (promise I only entered the digits once) so that makes it to be Miu Craft, Jakarta.

I've brought along some books, borrowed and bought, to keep me entertained over here in the few months to come.

My day started out early today and I finally got to work on the exercise machine before breakfast, something I've avoided doing for far too long a time. What made it seemed a great start to my life of 30 onwards was a breakfast soupy bowl of mee sua and eggs cooked by Brian. Then I had a nice time in the midst of bubbles blown by Kaeden in the front porch enjoying the breezy morning at the same time avoiding the stuffy air indoors thanks to the local area power trip. I'm looking forward to a nice lunch later and definitely, the cake.

Hope you have a good day too!


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