Tuesday, June 01, 2010

'The Mobile sewing Company' workshop

attending 'the mobile sewing company' workshop

from  'the mobile sewing co.' workshop

with Karin

Karin, sewing a fabric piece

Part of the Arts Fest this year in Singapore was an organized workshop last evening conducted by the ladies of 'the mobile sewing company' which I was so looking forward to attend. Karin and Kirsten are inspiring people and with a friend accompanying me for that session, I truly had an enjoyable time along with the other workshop attendees.
I got the chance to ride the bicycle to power up the sewing machine that Karin was using to help alter my already very tired-looking grey cardigan.

my altered cardigan

Using materials (I used a diamond crochet doily, fabric and white trim.) provided, my cardi got a new look!

my altered blouse

My red blouse had an embarrasing small hole on one sleeve. I snipped off both sleeves and with a bit of white lace provided, I sew it on round the front collar, at home today.


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