Wednesday, June 02, 2010

:: crunch ! :: a birthday giveaway (sorry, closed.)

a giveaway

It's the month of my birthday already and I think it is rather momentous; turning 30. As a friend aptly put it, as of now the feeling of being in the early twenties has always been in me, time just move on ahead.

So you may notice, even the things I'll like to give away would seem a little "young-ish".

In my giveaway package, I will include all three of these items:

:: my handmade cosmetic pouch

:: a Shinzi Katoh zipper shopping bag (this particular design)

:: a baviphat red apple lip balm
(in case you're wondering where I bought it, oh I got one extra for myself; the apple flavoured balm comes in a cute matt apple container, oops I side-tracked, the online shop I purchased from: iheartkoreanbeauty . Nice personable lady seller too.)

Leave a comment with a short description of yourself and if possible, let me know the title of a book you're currently reading or just include a title you think is worth recommending. Do leave me your email address too so I can contact you if you win!

I'll close this giveaway on the 16 June and will post out to anywhere in the world.

Good luck!


  1. Hi, my name is Amaranta Guevara, I am Mexican but right now live in Jacksonville. I have a blog ( I love to write and read.
    The book I am reading right now is "The Anchor Book of New American Short Stories" and it is really good, since it is a collection of short stories by various artist, if you don't like one you can just skip it.
    I will add a link to your giveaway on my blog! thanks!!
    Oh, and thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Happy Birthday Month! Turning 30 is definitely weird, but not as bad as you'd think LOL! I'm Lisa, I'm almost six foot tall and I have brown hair. The book I'm currently reading is Sweater Quest: My Year of Knitting Dangerously. It's about the author's quest to knit the infamous Mary Tudor sweater. So far I'm enjoying it, although I must say I am no closer to taking up Fair Isle Knitting :) Thanks for the chance to win!

    lisa_vander_vliet at hotmail dot com

  3. hello :). My name is Eli and i'm an Australian girl who's living in Italy with my boyfriend at the moment. I've been in Italy for 6 months, and i'm leaving in 1 month...which i'm a bit apprehensive about, because then i'll have to go back to uni (boo). I would definitely recomment any book by Jeanette Winterson - her prose is like poetry. My favourite is 'Written on the Body' because it really challenges your idea of gender because you don't know what gender the main character is for the whole book.

    thanks for the chance!

    eli. x


  4. hi fi..
    am entering your giveaway hahah!
    am amesh, indonesian, crafter, blogger, freelance writer/editor/copywriter, mother and wife.
    i wear huge glasses and loooove handmade products.
    am recommending domino the book of decorating, it's so good you want to take it anywhere w u (i do!) :)

  5. hello..
    happy bday in advance Fiona.. :)
    my name's marga, i live in Bali, i'm a PA + a freelance translator..
    at the moment i'm reading Shanghai Baby (again!) by Wei Hui. Poetic.
    oya thnx for d chance to win your giveaway :)

  6. dear drooling already it goes: my name is nella, employee at day, (so called) crafter at night and weekend hehe..right now i'm reading Enyd Blyton's St Clare series all over again hahak! soo much fun happy birthday deaarr(^_^)

  7. hihi.. i found your blog via really adore creative people like you. so... since i'm not a creative one, i just join your giveway. maybe it's my luck :)
    am ferina from jakarta, accountant, a mother of one boy. a book freak.
    i am reading The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins).

    anyway, happy birthday, fiona

  8. happy birthday fiona!
    on my next birthday I will turn 30 too, but I feel youngish too ;)
    i'm carine, from germany, europe, am a crafter, blogger, owning my own business, and wife. at the moment i read "haruki murakami: kafka on the shore" and i just loooove this book. He creates such special spaces and a world of it's own, I really like his way of making up stories.


    I wish you a good day and sunny greetings from here,

  9. hi fiona!
    happy happy birthday to you!
    i now thw feeling of beeing in the early 20's..
    i feel like im 23 and i have no idea how i got to 27 and have 3 kids!
    about a book i highly recomend reading dune
    so take care and have a great birthday!
    thanks for the super cute giveaway!

  10. fi! my turn is still in a couple of months :D don't really envy u much :p...these are really cute!!! I was just reading the swan's slow but romantic in a way...before that, I was reading angelology...I kinda hate the to be continued ending, though I think it's a great book....Next, I'd like to read the lost symbol :) can u tel...I like books with a bit of history and mystery :D...and if I'm lucky, I'll get a sweet romance :D...When is the birthday?

  11. Hi Fiona!
    I love reading ur blog so much!
    U r full of art!
    My name is Irene, i am a thinker, crafter, and a confuse person. Not easily satisfied but also not too brave to ask for more.
    I suggest U to read Tuesday with Morrie.
    I think this book is so wonderful,it gives us different sight of seeing life, and the life after.

    Keep rocking! 30 n fabulous!

  12. Hi, Sandy here from Oklahoma. I am a pretty new, 3 years, quilter and I am so hooked it is not funny. I am in love with all the modern quilt fabrics and patterns hitting the shops and internet now. They inspire me. My other passion is now paper piecing, easy, peasy and oh so pretty.
    Not ready any other books but quilting right now. SO:
    One of my favorte books is, Colorful Quilts by Sharyn Craid, Christiane Meunier and others. Very, very colorful and modern quilts. Can't wait to tackle a couple of the patterns.


  13. Happy birthday to you and thank you for the great giveaway! I'm Paula and I live in Lisbon, Portugal. My favourite color is red :)
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com


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