Wednesday, June 16, 2010

been to the Zoo

embroidering for

ISBN 978-957-526-675-2

p2-3 of embroidery book

Kaeden's 1st trip to

posing in his souvenir,

The trip back to Singapore was nice, having to meet up with dear friends and spending time with them were the best parts of it. One of the days, we also spent some time at the Zoo as a family and that was Kaeden's first trip there as well. The day started out with overcast skies and soon after a drizzle followed, as a result we didn't really see that many animals and photos taken were little. However there was one candid shot of Kaeden laughing when he heard a goat bleat, which I thought was precious, especially now that he's at a stage where he isn't willing to smile for a camera.

I bought a new craft book on embroidery (ISBN 978-957-526-675-2), many pages containing cute illustrations in my opinion. It's in Chinese, I believed translated from the original Japanese version. Then I recalled my girlfriends who are into the hobby of scrap-booking. From there, with my lack of confidence with paper and the sum total of, I decided to make a memory "fabric-book" of Kaeden's first trip to the Singapore Zoological gardens. By sewing the photo, an entrance ticket and a small part of a map where we watched the elephant show onto yellow linen (with Kaeden on my laps! He just can't leave me alone.) after I'd done the embroidery work. The last part would be framing it up, which I'll get to it once I've shopped for a frame.


  1. wow this is really cute! Makes me want to pick up embroidery!

  2. Your embroidery work is awesome awesome:)))

  3. Love the fabric book ideas. Your page is really beautifully done, very special too.

    And happy belated birthday!


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