Wednesday, May 12, 2010

spellbinding world of words

scrafaby worm peeking out

I'm about to embark on reading my last new book I have in possession here. The last one I read was 'The Russian Concubine' by Kate Furnivall. I personally thought the title is a bit of a misnomer in relation to its story but still, it was an enjoyable read. I bought both books at a bargain in HMV, Singapore. I plan to scour that place again the next trip.

Recently by chance, I came upon Catherine Lim's online compilation of articles, Vignettes. I was thrilled and whenever possible, read one or two articles a day. Have you any favourite writers since childhood? Among others, Catherine Lim is someone whose books I'd pored over when younger. I remembered the day when she was a guest speaker in my Primary School and later took a tour around the school compound, my mum pushed me to take a photo with her by the bridge over a fish pond. Later as a teenager in my Secondary school, I recalled her telling us a love story in the wide school hall. I remembered vividly, the feeling of being spellbound there and then. In my opinion and some parts imagination, she is someone charismatic, worldly and one who would dispense ready advice on a personal level.

oh, I made a bookmark for myself today. Take a peek at the tutorial below.


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