Wednesday, May 12, 2010

'scrafaby worm' bookmark :: tutorial

scrafaby worm bookmark

Ever tire of commercial bookmarks? or are you like me, who would just grab the nearest piece of receipt or paper clothing tag which I reuse for bookmarking purposes, to put in between the pages of the current novel you're reading. But really, I would want something different to greet me whenever I flip open my book. Something friendly - to look at & eco-wise to boot!

I'll share my process of making a fabric (scrap pieces) bookmark here. Hope whoever reads this, likes it and make one too!

The 'Scapfaby Worm' Bookmark Tutorial

cut and prepare pieces of scrap cloth for each side of the bookmark, according to preference (colour and size). here, I'm having scrap pieces of on average of 8cm width and have enough pieces to join up for the length, each side. I'd have the plain fabric as the "head/top" so I could draw on it later.

straight stitch to join the pieces of fabric together, for each side.

after, the two quilted fabric pieces should be about the same length.
prepare a cord/string, length according to preference.

top stitch the cord to the middle of the head of one fabric piece (right side) so as to keep it in place.

pin the fabric pieces right side together.
eyeball and free hand draw the outline of the worm in a shape you'd like it to be.

stitch on the outline you'd drawn, bearing in mind to keep an opening for turning the joined pieces inside out.
trim the edge (only if it's messy like mine).

turn right side fabric out.
hand applique the opening close.
top stitch the edge.

scrafaby-worm bookmark

then, the fun part of drawing the features of your scapfaby worm using fabric markers.

There, you have a companion for your book.
Happy reading!


  1. hi fi, can i feature this tutorial on the next issue of SPICE magazine? lemme know if you're interested yaaa :)

  2. oh how cute hahahahhahaha....and I have just discovered wix too :) and made my company's website there :), eh?


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