Friday, May 14, 2010

pouch for auntie's make-up

cosmetics pouch

cosmetics pouch

A cosmetics pouch made for an elderly lady relative whose birthday is in June. She happens to share the same birth date as my longest known friend so it wasn't easy to forget. Auntie is a dear who would often share her cooking and passed them over our gate and also watches over us, my family. Literally so.

Just the other day, we were returning home in the evening and I alighted the car and walked over to deliver some ice snacks to quell the hot weather for Auntie's family, living directly across us. I usually think the occupants are in the rooms and so I called for her through the living room window. I caught Auntie, one hand holding a toothbrush in mouth, jumping in surprise from behind the curtain. She was peeking out at us and didn't see me coming. It was definitely a "ah ha! gotcha!" moment. I momentarily teased her after she opened the door.

One of my wishes for her is good health.

I ought to add something in the pouch at a later date. Perhaps a nice red lipstick.


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