Monday, May 10, 2010

pointy cycling cap

card for me

The day started out slow for me yesterday. It was nice to catch a Chinese movie on tv, did a bit of sewing, hotdog lunch made by Brian and then a Javanese massage in the afternoon while the father and son duo went "tricycling", got a new blouse then dinner outside home. nice. The best part, a handmade card by Kaeden guided by daddy.

cycling cap

cycling cap

The sewing that I did was a (rather pointy looking) cycling cap requested by Brian. I used the pattern from here but instead of 4, I used 3 panels for each side, both top and under. The pattern wasn't to scale when printed out on paper for me, so I improvised a little but on overall, it was easy to use. The fabric used to make for Brian's cap came from his brown corduroy pants and for the underside, my father-in-law's vintage old batik shirt.


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