Sunday, May 23, 2010

hoops to accessorize


There is a piece of vintage butterfly lace left behind by my mother-in-law that I decided to make use of. Brian's mum used to craft too in her days in Palembang when her children are small. From the stash belonging to her that my father-in-law handed to me years back, I learnt that mummy used to do cross stitching, crocheting and sewing. I heard in the earlier days, she used to make pyjamas for everyone in the family.

my accessories

my accessories

By sewing the lace to my yellow linen and attaching it to a large embroidery hoop then gluing the edge behind, I made a holder for my accessories. I had the part of fabric made so it would be stronger enough to hold my owl brooches. I hardly wear these accessories now, preferring to look at them whenever I pick my clothes from the cupboard; its door where I hang the hoop.

I also made a smaller hoop for Brian's sister so she can hang it somewhere too.

mummy's fabric in a hoop


  1. I totally love the butterfly lace! ...and you accessories too :)
    Greetings from Europe

  2. This is sooooo beautiful and useful! Can I blog about your creation on my blog...I really wanna share it with everyone, I'm going to link the post to your blog :)
    Is that okay???

  3. By the way, I'm soooooooooooooo in love with your blog! Where have you been all this time???? I'm so making it one of my favorite blogs!

  4. Lovely! I love your owl brooches. Where can I get them?

  5. thanks amesh! :)

    & hi sewconvert,
    i bought the owl brooches off etsy, vintage section.
    the last time i checked, there're quite a number for sale! be sure to get the best value. ;)

  6. oooh this is such a great but simple idea and it is very pretty! Will have to do this one day when I find myself an embroidery hoop!

  7. that is so beautiful!
    what a great idea!

  8. so pretty :)...and I've just realized....your husband is palembang-ese? :D


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