Thursday, May 27, 2010

'bird on Acacia' pouch :: a stall !

my stationery pouch

my stationery pouch

I'll be packing up. No more crafting for a while after making this stationery pouch for myself. My papers and writing materials and small stuff, one of many group of things need to be put together properly so I can find something when I want it.

I was given a precious piece of ink and spindle linen by Lia the other day and so I used a small part of it for making my pouch. The other side I used cream corduroy and lined it with thick bluish fabric to add some form of sturdiness.


::: handmade goodness stall ::::

I'll be setting up a (Bazaar Weekends) stall this coming
Sunday, 30 May 1 - 7pm
*SCAPE youth park, Singapore

If you're planning to be in the Orchard/Somerset - Cineleisure area on that day, do walk some extra steps over and say hello!


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